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Solar Electric Generation- Systems utilize a photovoltaic array to convert solar energy into DC electrical energy which goes to an inverter for conversion to 120/240VAC and synchronizing to the local electrical grid. Net Metering systems source to the grid and any unused energy is credited by the utility to offset future demand. A utility-tied system with battery backup adds the capability to operate critical loads when the utility grid is down. Stand-alone systems utilize battery storage and inverters to provide local power with no interface to a utility. Systems can be designed for any application.  Colorado has over 300 days a year of beautiful sunshine making us the perfect place to utilize the sun.

Wind Electric Generation- Wind turbines convert wind energy into electricity which can be used for utility-tied or stand alone electrical systems, both with and without battery storage. These systems can be large enough to be used to power a house or a village, or small enough to power a well for irrigation or home use. The eastern plains of Colorado have a very high wind volume.  If you are blessed with a lot of wind you can put it to use rather than believing you are cursed by it.  Just look around at all the old wind mills our ancestors created. They knew then what we still know today - we just have better technology to make more efficient uses from it.

Tracking -  having panels on a pivot  in two or all four directions to track the location of the sun.  This increases the production because the panels are more efficient when nearer to 90 degrees of the sun’s rays.   Pole mounts are the most common.   My custom built roof mounted tracking system doubled my output just by moving east to west following the sun.  This will be critical in the winter, when days are shorter and production will be low.