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My usage was over 2,000 KWH a month last year. That is 66 KWH a day.

My production before I put up my tracker was around 10 KWH a day with a 3600 watt panel aray. After my tracker was installed I am now getting 20 KWH a day.

This is the way the utility will calculate NET METERING. When I have excess I cannot use at the moment it is created it is sent out the grid and is counted in a separate register in the meter. They have several KWH based charges in the billing system so when I use from the grid I pay more than when I send electric out to the grid. This is not very good for the producer.

If I can use all 20 KWH a day that I produce then the savings will be as follows:

Production - 600 KWH a month
Usage from the grid - 1400 KWH

savings 42.684
still have to pay 99.596

With that same usage with half of my production going to the grid:

Production - 300 KWH used
                       300 KWH to the grid

Usage from the grid - 1700 KWH

savings    21.342
savings    16.5342
total         37.8762
still have to pay 104.4038         

Net metering is not the same everywhere. You should check with your utility to see what they are doing for net metering.

You can save money with or without a system just by using some common sense and a few simple conservation strategies like low wattage florescent lighting and turning off lights and other items when not needed.

Bottom line…
Using an average of $40 a month savings,  and an average cost of a system $12,000. It would take 25 years to pay for itself at today's prices.   

The ever increasing cost of energy and the rebates will help.

The average rebate for a $12,000  system would be  about $5,000. that would bring the pay back to 15 years. If energy increases every year and your saving increase by $10 a month every year. That would bring  the pay back down even further. 

VALUE can also be added for the piece of mind knowing that in case of a power failure for what ever reason, I will still have power. 

Then you have the environmental factor. You and your grand children will have cleaner air to breathe. The price of saving the planet will be worth it in the long run.